The touch screens and the overhead videos are a big hit. They are being used just as we had hoped for, and the team appreciates having them in place.
Director of Product Strategy,
Furniture Manufacturer
When we were looking to update our current organizations platform, with the feedback we had received from end-users; mediascript helped us through the entire process.  We now have a robust and user-friendly platform that will serve us for many years to come.
Program Manager,
Non-Profit Organization
When I decided to launch my business I knew I needed a website for prospective clients to learn more about my services.  Mediascript quickly designed a professional site that fit my needs.
Founder and CEO,
Entrepreneur and Business Owner
When our organization was looking for a way to push notifications and information out, mediascript suggested we a mobile-app to serve those needs... we couldn't be more thrilled with the results!
Project Manager,
State Non-Profit