A leading accounting exam review firm that provides online courses to a global audience; the organization uses leading Subject Matter Experts to provide exam review preparation for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Internal Audit (CIA) certifications.

Markets Served:  Accounting and Corporate Professionals.


The organization wanted to expand their reach globally by taking their in-class exam preparation courses and putting them online.  They were looking for a solution that achieved the highest possible retention value for students while giving our client the ability to maintain comprehensive tracking, measuring and reporting of the student’s progress.  Most importantly, if they could monitor a student’s progress, they could offer a “Test-Pass Guarantee” that other online test prep companies could not do.


They chose mediascript because our capabilities met all of their business challenges with retention and monitoring student’s performance.  Additionally, our main expertise is to help small to large organizations take their content and place it online quickly and securely.  This was important to the client because each of these exams are given during certain times of the year and the test/course syllabus was constantly changing.  They are able to re-record and publish those changes on a timely basis in an effective, visually appealing format.


The partnership with mediascript allowed our client to not only have a local, regional and national footprint but a global one as well.  Our solution also allowed our client to become the only one in their industry to offer a “Test-Pass Guarantee”; meaning that if a participant fails their exam (and they have followed the steps the client has in place) they will pay their exam fee to re-take the exam.  And over the course of the last seven years they have not had to pay for one exam!  They have now become one of the top accounting exam prep companies in the world.


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