“Oh Look – Squirrel”… Why you should use other video platforms (in addition to YouTube) to house your marketing videos. | MEDIASCRIPT

First off I would like to say, YouTube is a great resource to find information… I use it all the time.  And because it is the most popular video destination, many of our clients thought YouTube is the best place to upload their companies marketing videos; especially since Google owns YouTube and ranks their videos higher than actual web pages.  However, if you are placing your marketing videos only on YouTube you run the risk of potential clients not following through to your site and learning more about your products and/or services.  It’s the “Oh Look – Squirrel” mentality, they start looking at the other videos that pop-up on their screen; which many times can be a competitor’s video.

When we produce videos for our clients, part of our process includes creating a custom video player to embed their videos.  This player helps to control what a prospective client sees and does after they watch your video; a “Call to Action” when the video stops playing.  And coincidentally, this leads to another discussion/blog… “What do you want people to do once they find your website and/or video?” – (sorry, I’m having my own “Oh Look – Squirrel” moment).

I was excited to read an article the other day by Troy Dreier titled:  The Cons and Cons of Uploading Marketing Videos to YouTube (http://www.onlinevideo.net/2016/12/cons-cons-uploading-marketing-videos-youtube/) where he echoed many of the dangers we have been warning our clients about for the past year or so.

So if you currently have videos or are in the process of thinking about creating one for your own business I hope you will have us help you with them.  But in any case, consider embedding them in a custom video player and ask yourself the question… “What do I want people to do once they find me?” (future blog).

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