The Power of Analytics in e-Learning | MEDIASCRIPT

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Accountability, we all need it. In the e-Learning world, it’s a necessary tool to ensure that employees actually take the training.

As a Supervisor, have you ever had the experience that employees didn’t complete the required training, or sat in a class but failed to retain the important information? And usually you find out only when it is too late?  This could happen in a meeting, or worse, when interacting with a customer. It’s not only frustrating, but non-productive to suddenly realize that only a few people understood and grasped the material.

With the right e-learning solution you can not only get the content out to the employees quickly and easily, you can also track users progress through the classes. Another benefit we have found is that when employees know they are being tracked, they tend to watch, review and complete all of the material. Monitoring and reporting users throughout the learning process can significantly reduce surprises and the frustration and embarrassment that comes with them.

Analytics and reports provide valuable insights into participants understanding, viewing behaviors and engagement. By understanding these trends you can see what content was meaningful to them and how they are using it. From there you can measure the impact and value to the organization as a whole.